Support Network, Inc. is dedicated to bringing the most professional and qualified candidates together with employers in a partnership that works. 
We specialize in providing trained and qualified direct support staff, first line supervisors, mid-level managers and executive level directors to agencies and companies supporting children, adolescents and youth and adults with special needs, developmental challenges, emotional challenges, intellectual limitations, and/or physical challenges. We provide training to meet or exceed the requirements of the state licensing authority and Code of Maryland Regulations (COMAR) that pertain to each agency for which we provide staff. 
We will work closely with you to find the best possible matches for each position. Our services include temporary support staff for periods as short as one day or as long as you request. We also provide temp to hire services to enable you to get to know our candidates before you enter into an employment relationship. We can also provide placement services for all levels of support, management and executive staff. 
Our rates are extremely competitive and we are willing to work with you to meet your needs in difficult fiscal times.
We screen our candidates rigorously including background checks as mandated by applicable COMAR regulations, proficiency based skills testing, personal interviews, and comprehensive reference checks.
We employ all of our support staff and do not use independent contractors. All employees are provided with worker’s compensation insurance and unemployment insurance. 

Support Network provides training to potential employees at our location or can provide training sessions for your employees at a location requested by you. We know that you provide programs and businesses that are in operation 24/7 so we are available to train your staff daytime, evenings and weekends to meet your coverage needs. 
Our training capabilities include trainings required for programs licensed by the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene and the Department of Human Resources to support individuals with special needs and children, adolescents and youth. We can provide training in several approved non-violent crisis intervention programs, including Behavioral Principles and Strategies as required by the Developmental Disabilities Administration. Additionally, we have certified trainers for CPR and First Aid. We can provide training in Diversity, Job Readiness, Career Development, Harassment Awareness, Quality Assurance, Risk Management, Customer Service in the Home Environment and any customized training you request.

Quality Assurance and Quality Reviews
We have a cadre of experienced and principled executive level staff and consultants who are available to assist you with Quality Reviews in your homes, facilities and work programs. Independent reviews are extremely helpful when preparing for certifications such as CARF, The Joint Commission (TJC), URAC, or state based quality assurance/regulatory agencies such as the Office of Health Care Quality in Maryland. We review your programs and facilities with “fresh eyes” and provide you with a comprehensive report using a survey/measurement tool based on the specific standards you are preparing to meet and exceed. We also provide you with recommendations and design an action plan with you to reach your goals. 
Additionally, we have extensive experience assisting agencies negotiate quality improvement plans and meet all requirements outlined in consent agreements with regulatory agencies. We will provide you with a team of professionals to meet the standards and targeted completion dates as required while maintaining your fiscal integrity. 
We can evaluate your staffing schedules and levels of staffing in relation to service provision and funding agreements. We can assist you in making improvements and changes in your staffing that result in cost savings while improving service provision. We are able to manage all related HR functions, including retraining staff, cross-training staff and managers, downsizing, upsizing or outsourcing ancillary services. 

Case Management
Support Network provides care management and community support assistance to individuals with disabilities and others for whom assistance with resource coordination and maximizing the various generic, specialized and community based programs and services available to them would be beneficial. We are constantly searching for additional community based supports to enhance full citizenship for individuals with personal, lifestyle or employment challenges who need ongoing support and assistance. We strive for efficiency in resource utilization and fiscal responsibility. 
We can assist you in maximizing your independence, making your own choices in how, where and with whom you will live and work, negotiating any changes in current supports and services, and providing you with the information and tools to live your life your way.

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